Thursday, October 05, 2006

Home Sweet Home

We made it! And we're back on-line! Where should I start?????
The last few days of our trip were fairly uneventful. We stayed in Cornwall, and then drove through Quebec. Luckily we managed to miss rush hour in Montreal.

Driving over an overpass on the way out we drove past a semi truck that was billowing smoke like crazy, completely stopped, and with his hood pulled up. We sympathized with the poor guy, but were pretty happy to be able to keep on driving!

Parts of Quebec were really pretty, but by this point everyone was pretty anxious just to get there. We drove on through all the way to Edmunston, NB. A little tip, if ever you find yourself flipping through the CAA book for places to stay in Edmunston, turn left after you get off the exit. It's the one time the CAA directions truly let us down, as we found ourselves at the top of a VERY steep hill coming into Edmunston. We both had visions of being stuck in Edmunston for the rest of our lives as we came down that hill. Luckily the brakes work. We drove right through the town, down windy little streets with no view of the six hotels that we were supposed to be able to choose from. Finally, after passing the railroad tracks and tootling around in a residential area, we knew we were lost. Thankfully we had Stan and Anita with us in their car, so they went on ahead to scout for a way out of town that didn't involve taking several running starts at that hill. They managed to find a very nice lady who volunteered to drive us to the nearest hotel out of town. Thanks anonymous lady - you saved Jai from having a major meltdown!

New Brunswick was really pretty. And VERY hilly! No one mentioned all those hills. It was the hilliest province of all! I didn't get a lot of pictures, as the sun was shining and making too many reflections on the window. And we didn't stop. We were rushing to catch the ferry, which only runs twice a day. You have to drive through the outskirts of St. John to get to the terminal - it looks like a really neat city, I would definitely like to go back there soon. The ferry ride was great - but it cost us a whopping $258 to get on! We thought the BC ferry was expensive, but that only cost $135. The extra $123 was worth it, as we got to watch "Dr. Doolittle 3" free of charge once onboard. Now that's service. BC ferries could learn a thing or two from those guys. And the sunset was spectacular.

It was just getting dark as we pulled into Digby.

And then we were home! We've been going gung-ho on the house ever since. Jai and his Dad managed to turn an empty room into a laundry/bathroom. So that was huge. I have been ripping plaster and wallpaper off walls for what seems like forever. Here's a before picture of what will be the library:

Post more soon...

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