Saturday, October 14, 2006

Action at the Auction

Today we went to our first auction. It was really fun, but the weather was really miserable, cold and wet and windy. We tried to tough it out to the bitter end, but we couldn't quite do it. Most of the cool stuff was already gone anyway. We bid on a lot of different things, and mostly succeeded in making them more expensive for other people (which has a certain kind of satisfaction to it all on it's own.) We did, however, win a couple of items. We got a big, ceramic bowl ($5,) a big metal cabinet for the shop ($5,) and a matching side chair, arm chair, and bench ($100 for all three.)

There were so many cool things, and I couldn't believe how cheaply they went for! Some beautiful peices of furniture went for over a thousand dollars, but most of it was well under $300 - some people got beautiful antique dressers and sideboards for like $60! What fun! I told Jai we need a bigger house already!
Yesterday we got to know our little town a little better. We met with the town planner and the recreation planner, and they gave us some great ideas for things to do to get involved. There's a lot going on around here. Plus we walked around a little more. I didn't have my camera when we went over the old railbridge, but it was really neat. It's still just railway ties, so you can see the river passing under your feet as you walk across. It feels like something out of "Lean on Me." We also found all three cemetaries in town. One has about ten graves in it, and you can only get to it from the back of the liquor store parking lot, and the other two are much bigger. The farthest one was breathtaking! (not literally) (sorry, for some reason I couldn't resist!)

There's these two crazy trees that are like the guardians of the cemetary, you've never seen anything like it, they're so bizarre, and I din't really get a picture that captured the feeling you get.

Apparently there are graves there from the 1600's. Also in the last couple of days the trees, which were already very pretty, have notched it up to spectacular - sorry Mom, you just missed it. It's almost a sensory overload to take a walk around town, everything is so pretty.

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Anonymous said...

wow, you guys did really well at the auction - well done. The cemetery pictures are amazing ... I'll add the visit to the guardians to the list of things I have to do next visit. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful xoxo Mom