Thursday, September 04, 2014

First Day of School!

 Ok, clearly time is flying.  Griffin had his first day of school today.  Big School, as we called it way back when he was in pre-school.  He was pretty excited this morning.  He got himself dressed in the clothes we had picked out last night.  He dragged Daddy out of bed.  He raced down the stairs, dragging Daddy down behind him, to get his cheese biscuit (we made them specially for his first day of school breakfast.)  He buttered it himself.
His backpack was packed the night before, but he loaded it into the bike trailer himself.  He and Holly climbed in and we zoomed him off to school.  It was a bit of a slow zoom, at that last little hill (I admit it, I got off and pushed), but we made it.  We found the picture he dropped off last week, hanging in the hall.  We found the hook with his name on it.  He changed his shoes.  He stood in the doorway, hanging back for a second.  One little push was all he needed.  We held hands, and I walked him over to the table where Ella was already sitting.  There were blocks on the table.  I had trouble getting his attention long enough for a kiss goodbye.

And that was that.  He was in.  Holly and I rode home.  I tried not to cry.  I mostly succeeded.

The house seems a little empty.  Holly and I, I'm sure, over the coming days, will settle into a new routine.  Things will go back to seeming normal.  But not today.  Today is Griffin's first day of school.