Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easter happened.

Hello.  Here we are, plugging and plotting along - trying to enjoy each day as it arrives - at whatever time in the morning it arrives!  Most days we succeed... other days we survive.  Although, at the end of every day, when we sit with Griffin as he lies in bed and "go over" our day, without fail there are many, many good moments we enjoy remembering.  Even the days when I can't quite settle into this new routine, and struggle to eke out a moment of "me" time, these kids of ours manage to ignite my heart in their own special ways.
Most days, however, I fall a little behind.  Some of the "shoulds" get replaced with changing diapers, flattening play-doh,  snuggling, flattening different play-doh, etc, etc.  And here's this blog(and perhaps you, if you are out there reading this) patiently waiting for an update.  Well, here it is.

 Easter happened.  We did various Easter-related activities - story time at the library (where Holly broke out her bunny suit for the first time), the massive egg hunt in Annapolis Royal (pictured here) (cleverly they have a field for the little kids, with hundreds and hundreds of eggs strewn about in the grass - Jai said he was told by the man who distributed them that they had placed close to 5000 eggs - all were gone within minutes.  It was about four good minutes of total chaos.  Super fun!), we blew out some eggs and boiled others for egg-dying, and we finally made an Easter tree (none of which is pictured - c'est la vie).  That might be the longest run-on sentence in the history of this blog.
 We went to Halifax and met Elephant and Piggy.  They had a jellybean jar, and the winner won six Elephant and Piggy books.  On Holly's ballot, I guess exactly the right number of jellybeans (2964, or something like that.)  Score!
 Griffin enjoyed the iPad...
And here at home, Spring has arrived!
We visited friends with chickens, and Griffin got to hold one.  He just sat there and touched it, like it was the coolest thing in the world.  It was.
And much, much more.  I will try and be back soon, with more pictures to share. Until then...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Here's What Happened

Hi. Just stopping in to say we're still here. (Barely, at times!)
We've had:
-kidney stones (ok - just me)
-head colds (all of us)
-Easter (pics next time?)
-many talks about the Titanic, with Griffin (he's fascinated by the story... without all the horrors... I, however, am feeling a bit traumatized)
-as many visits as we can, with friends who are visiting
-giggle fests (Griffin AND Holly - so cute when they get each other going)
-purging of baby clothes
-buying more baby clothes at Frenchy's (secondhand clothing extraordinaire)

And here's Holly in the one successfully finished knitting project (yes that's a big blob of spit-up on it - about two seconds in):
Bye for now!