Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hey Everybody! We got lots done today on the homefront!
Check out the wallpaper we just put up in the bedroom:

Plus we primed two rooms and Jai scraped all the moldings in one.

Look at that door - can you believe it's original? Tomorrow we actually get to put some paint on the walls. It's been days and days of sanding and filling and priming and filling and sanding and priming. Hooray for colour.
I took a picture today of our mailbox looking empty and forlorn.

Look at all those reflections, you can just imagine it echoing. We have so much cool mail on the way, every day we have such high hopes. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow for sure!

Just kidding about the wallpaper, by the way. Or am I?


Anonymous said...

duder...that wallpaper rules...i think sal and irene have got the same stuff in the toy room now....

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

allo! who is dis?....... Jason?

Thanks for the post. You book x-mas off yet? We need to know how big of a turkey we need to buy. INot for eating, but for crawling inside of if it gets too cold. I figure a 3 man turkey carcass may run into some serious digits. Boma will make it happen...