Sunday, October 29, 2006

There's some before shots. And here's some after!

That last one is a shot of Jai jumping for joy.

It's REALLY windy here tonight, and the lights just started to dim a little, so I'm going to turn the computer off. We'll post more later, tho.
P.S. We got that couch for $149!!!! That's probably why the legs are too wobbly!


Anonymous said...

Well done! You guys it looks great ... the pictures look really nice up there - you'll have to show the room from all sides ... are you building a computer desk for the corner? Questions, questions, questions, huh? Looking forward to seeing more! xo Mom

Anonymous said...

Awesome....I love it! thumbs up on all the renos. Victoria is really boring and you're not missing much....yawwn.