Monday, October 16, 2006

Hello, well we're still working on the same two rooms. The soon-to-be t.v. room is ready for Primer now, so we'll be doing that tomorrow. We're both really looking forward to seeing it primed - it will really look like something got done. The library was ready for primer, but we decided to take off the moldings where the bookcases are going to go, and now we have to drywall where the baseboard used to be. The moldings throughout the house are almost 11" high, and very, very old. It took Jai most of the day to get them off without wrecking them, as we want to put them on the bases of the bookcases. We also ripped out the rest of the floor in the library, and I made some sawhorses so we could cut up the plywood into pieces that will fit in the woodstove. I spent most of the day getting the bedroom organized and the clothes put away. It's still ugly in here, but it's not messy any more and the computer is off the floor, so it's a little more comfortable to work on. I also learned that if you do anything outside on Monday afternoons you are liable to be visited by both the Avon lady (who seemed very nice) and the Jehovas Witness ladies (who were also nice, and luckily afraid of my power saw.)
Here are some wedding pictures that we never got up:

These were sent to us by Robyn, our wedding photographer as advance photos. She sent some other ones, too, but I won't put them all up yet. Needless to say we are incredibly excited to see the rest. She did an amazing job. We're hoping they'll be in the mail this week - one of our favourite parts of the day is checking the mail. We have to walk to the post office, which is not exactly a hardship, as you can see it if you look out the dining room window. We have a little key for a little box, and the box has a little window in it, so you can see as you're walking up if there's anything in there. It's so much fun.

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