Monday, June 27, 2011


Hello! Another week has passed! It seems we are as busy as ever. The biggest news is our new roof. I haven't got any pictures of it yet, but really, it looks pretty much the same. Jai and I were saying we wish we had picked a different colour, at least, so it would at least look like we changed something. I mean, after you spend $11,000 on something (gasp!) it feels a little anti-climactic for it to be basically the same. I feel like it should be gilded in gold, or something. Oh well, it may look the same, but we know it's actually much, much better. Right? Right!

Griffin and I went strawberry picking with some friends, and then got together with them again to make strawberry jam. It was the first time I've ever made jam. Doing it with someone else made all the difference. I'd probably still be working on it, five days later. Anyway, it was actually pretty easy, once we got going, and the jam is DELICIOUS! And there were enough strawberries left over to make some fruit roll-ups, which are in the dehydrator as I type. We might have to go and pick some more, since there's never enough. I can't even imagine having to make everything to store and get through the winter. Next year I want to try for some more imaginative flavours, like maybe strawberry-lavender jelly. Yum!

We went to Frenchy's on Saturday, and I bought the first thing for the new baby. It's a little newborn onesie with a giraffe flying a helicopter on it. I figure Griffin will have to love any baby who's wearing a helicopter. When we were hanging the laundry he saw it and said, "that's for the baby!" Slowly but surely, he seems to be warming up to the idea.

Here's a couple more of the pieces I've been finishing up. I didn't get any great shots of the first one, I'll have to try again. But you get the idea :)

All the rest of the pics were taken a couple of nights ago in Jubilee Park, where I did a little photo session with Griffin and Jai. It was so fun, and I just love some of the photos. Okay, there's about 70 that I love. Does that qualify for some?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Father's Day Update

Hello! Happy Father's Day! So far, we have done nothing but enjoy each other's company today. How lovely! Griffin gave Jai a sleep-in this morning (all the way to quarter after seven!) and woke up in a glorious, ridiculous, very playful mood.
He is absolutely loving being outside so much. We've been picking strawberries in our yard, and the yards of our friends. And slowly but surely, I've been getting some plants in the ground. We had drastic plans for our garden this year, and they are coming along nicely. Fingers crossed we'll be able to keep on top of it all (although I can't really say that I'm "on top of it" at the moment, still having not planted any of the corn. Sigh.)

And Griffin got his first haircut this week. These aren't the best pictures to show it off, I'll try and get some better ones. I'd been putting it off, not sure how he would feel about the whole thing, and truthfully he didn't really need it yet. But we were talking about it a couple of mornings ago, and he wanted to try it, so I ran and got the scissors. He loved it! He kept saying "more! more!" and crying when I tried to put the scissors away. Pretty cute. I don't know if he'll always feel that way - especially about the "mom cut" - but I hope he does! And ever since he got his hair cut, he's been much more curious about hair in general. He's starting to come up with some pretty outrageous sayings and words. Jai and I have had a few moments of staring at each other and saying, "did you teach him that?"

Also, fit in amongst all the other things, I managed to finish a couple of new pieces. My friend Sarah commissioned me to do some pieces using photographs of her Great-Grandmother and Great-Grandfather for her Grandmother's birthday. It was really fun to have an excuse to get out in the shop again, and I managed to finish up another couple of pieces that have been languishing since winter. I'll post more pics soon, but these are Sarah's:

As usual the To-Do list is about a mile long, but I hope that never stops me from doing the important things - spending time with friends and family, and making time for myself, too. Have a great week!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Water balloons = fun.

Hey! I just figured out how to do storyboards, but forgot that Blogger would shrink them to tiny. Sigh. I'll have to do it on the photography blog instead (speaking of which - just uploaded the latest session - engagement photos!) I've been spending some time revamping that site, and generally getting more organized.
The photos above are from the Spring Fling the elementary school put on last Saturday. Griffin loved it, although a lot of the things were a little too old for him. Water balloons, though? Too much fun! Plus, he got a car tattoo, which he has shown to almost everyone he has encountered in the past six days. He's getting a little worried, though, as it's almost all gone. He's keeping a close eye on it.
This has been a busy week! I did engagement photos, went to the accountant, and the doctor, got the garden somewhat started, redesigned my logo and started a photo marketing course, taught a yoga class, shopped at the farmer's market (first strawberries!!!!!!), took a field trip to Fort Anne, and got a bunch of people and a bunch of plants together to plant bushes into our natural playground. Whew! There's still two whole days! My immediate plan, however, is to put my feet up and read a book, at least until this nap time ends. Bye for now!