Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sanding, sanding, sanding. That was the major event of the day. Jai rented a big floor sander, and fixed the library floor. Picture this...originally there was ugly, stained, stinky brown carpet. Under that was ugly, stained linoleum, well stuck down onto underlay. The underlay was well nailed in a 6-inch grid, and then there was a layer of a tar-like substance under that. Under all that...gorgeous hardwood!

Nice work Jai!!!!!

Meanwhile, I was driving up to Berwick to have a guy look at my scrollsaw. He replaced the fuse and it worked fine. Oops, we both looked at the fuse and decided it couldn't be that. Anyway, he was very nice about it, and didn't charge me anything. It's too late, though, I've already done hours of research on what to get as a replacement saw. I've decided on the Excalibur EX30, if I can get my hands on one. It's all in the works as we speak. My first real professional-quality tool. I don't know if you can tell or not, but I'm pretty excited.

And part of the reason I can afford to entertain these daydreams is that the developer of the condos they are putting in behind our house has tentively agreed to buy the back 45 feet of our lot. Supposedly they want it for green space. Hopefully that's true, we should be getting an official offer around the end of November. He also said we can take whatever we want out of the three buildings that will be coming down. There is some real nice timber there, so we are going to do a scavenging mission one of these days! These are two of the buildings:


Anonymous said...

Lauren and Jai,
I just lost a message that I had started... :( Well, as I was saying....the unearthing of your floor in the library must have been like finding a treasure. That kind of excitement would keep me motivated for a long time! Good job with the sanding Jai (keep blowing your nose)...Lauren, your new fix-it contact for your tools is a good thing. How far away is Berkshire? The invitation to 'go and help yourself' to the 2 old outbuildings is kind of intriguing too. Did you find any old mouldings? or wanescotting? or how about old windows that 'old' aunties might marvel over? :) I have to say, I absolutely love checking in..seeing all the changes you've done and made since you arrived is really inspiring. On that note, my bathroom (main) renovation is going along great. All the slate went in today--the colours are exquisite. I'm thinking of chocolate-something for the wall colour. And that soaker tub!! Take care you guys. Thanks for the fun of reading about your lives. Hugs.. Janet

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hi Aunty Janet, thanks for the inspirational words! We're jealous of your soaker tub! Another thing to look forward to next time we're in Calgary! We haven't salvaged through those buildings yet, but we will, very soon!