Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hearts and Hunting

Hello! Well, we've certainly been busy around here! Doing what? you ask? Good question, I say! And follow up with a big shrug. Dunno. A million little things. Griffin is 2-1/2. He's constantly busy, for a good, solid 13 hours a day.

We had Valentine's day (I'm a little behind, you might say!) Jai had to work late, so Griffin and I had dinner on our own. We bought one stem of flowers at the flower store in town, then made heart biscuits to go with our tomato soup, and had a candle-lit dinner. When Jai came home, he had a big bouquet of flowers, the exact same shade of purple as the ones Griffin had picked out. They looked lovely together!

But by far, the biggest hit of the day was the helium balloon we also picked up at the flower store. Two solid days of fun.

I have a few little projects on the go. I'm trying to finish my new photography web-site. Griffin got another new pair of pants (trains this time) and I'm knitting a little vest for Holly. We burnt some cookies this morning.
We had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa on Saturday, and then went to a birthday party on Saturday night. It was lovely to get out, although Griffin didn't like how the other kids were screaming. Can't say I blame him.
Sunday we had an epic Frenchy's trip, where we got a brand new Play-doh Fun Factory, four new Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles, and a Matchbox fold-up Fire Station, all for $5. That's my idea of fun.

Griffin was playing with his fire station this morning, and the play-by-play went something like this:

"They're driving around in the yard, Mommy!"
"They're driving around and around. They're hunting!"
"They're hunting?"
"They're hunting and hunting. They're hunting for books!"
"Oh, for books?"
"For books! They're hunting around and around for books to go back to the library."

Etc, etc. If you're thinking my half of the conversation was somewhat lacking, you are no doubt right. These conversations go on all day long, generally when we are both busy doing our own things. During this particular conversation, I was also trying to eat breakfast, read the newspaper, and entertain Holly all at the same time. Luckily, Griffin can keep up a conversation well enough for the two of us. Still, this one made me smile.

My kids, I tell you, they are constantly breaking my heart, and rebuilding it bigger.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Throat Frogs

Ah, radio silence! Sorry, we've all been sick around here (and if there's anything sadder than a baby who doesn't feel well, I don't want to see it!) Although Griffin thought it was pretty cool that there was a frog living in my throat (as long as it could get out).

On top of all that, we had family medical and dental appointments this week. It's been ten years since I visited a dentist (sadly, this is what happens when you don't have medical insurance) and I will be having several follow-up visits. Yeah, that's all I have to say about that.

Griffin and I have been busy, between play dates and storytimes and baking sessions, creating new clothes for him and Holly to wear. He's very proud of his new pants, and was happy to model them for me. He picked the fabric himself - good work, Griffin!

We've been making hair accessories for Holly, but I don't have those pictures downloaded yet. She's a good sport, especially considering she doesn't actually have much hair. At her doctor's appointment, we learned that one week before her three-month birthday, she is in the 97th percentile for height and weight, charted out for three-months. She's a big girl. Big and beautiful!

Other than that, it' s been lots of quiet activities, puzzles, colouring, gazing out the windows.