Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hello! Today was a really long day! We drove to Dartmouth and spent almost five hours in the Home Depot. I know...yikes! We didn't have too much trouble finding it - thanks to driving past it with Mom. We had lots of landmarks like "that's where Mom almost had to turn left 'cause she was in the wrong lane" :) Just teasing. We spent almost $1200, although a good portion of that was gift certificates - thanks, everybody that contributed. We got lots of fun things, some wallpaper, some tiles, some flooring, a battery-operated chainsaw. You know, just stuff. All good stuff. And a giant ladder (though still not long enough to reach our very high roof!)

We'll post pictures of stuff as we get to use it.

Yesterday we drove to the base of the North Mountain to meet a woodturner named Steve. He was really cool and really nice. He does all sorts of large, functional bowls, as well as some nice decorative stuff. He had an ad in the Buy&Sell that he had 2"&3" live-edge dry eastern maple. We bought eight pieces off him, and he gave us a great deal. I was so excited about one of the pieces. I had to cut a bit off and plane it up to see how it looked. BEAUTIFUL!

We took a short walk over the bridge yesterday to go to the pub for lunch. Jai had Deep-Fried Pepperoni pieces, and I had an amazing chicken stirfry salad. Yum! I think Jai feels like he may as well be in heaven if the local pub has a dish called Deep-Fried Pepperoni. Here's some shots from the bridge of the Annapolis River...

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Anonymous said...

hi guys! I knew my navigational skills would be handy one day! Who needs North, South, East and West?? That maple is beautiful - I love the luminosity. Will you be making a cabinet? (Christmas hint:) Have a great day! XO Mom