Friday, September 09, 2011

Five Years

Five years ago today, I married Jai. In some ways it seems like yesterday. Five years ago today, we set off in our truck and cattle trailer, heading East. We've been together for almost 11 years - more than a third of my life. Every day he makes me feel full of love, and absolutely loved. I am a lucky woman indeed!

Things are going well here - continuing on apace. It's hard to believe that we're well into September already. I feel like Christmas is lurking, just around the corner. For now, though, we'll try and enjoy the fall. Today for lunch we ate cucumber and tomato sandwiches from out of the garden. Super yum! Griffin declared the tomatoes were yucky, and had good old p.b. &j instead. Luckily for him Grandma donated a jar of GG's special blackberry jelly. Double super yum!

I can't walk past the grape arbor without picking off a bunch of grapes to munch on, and I looked in near despair at all the watermelons growing in the garden - Griffin won't eat them! Jai and I are going to be eating watermelons until we're sick of them! Maybe we can cut some up and freeze them?

Anyway, there is a rousing game of "Time for Tractors" happening around me right now, so I think I'll sign off and check it out. TTFN

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Catch-Up on Summer

Hello again! Well, this is a summer that has just whizzed by! I'm sure that I feel that way every summer, but equally sure that THIS one, in particular, was packed to the brim. I photographed eight weddings in a row, we got a new laundry room, and Griffin got a new bedroom. Some wood got stacked, some stuff got primed, AND we fit in some time for fun. Oh yeah, and Baby Soloy grew and grew. Whew! Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way! I'm sure some stuff fell by the wayside (extremely messy house, potty training, gardening, I could go on and on...) but for the most part we managed to fit in the stuff that really mattered.

Anyway, this weekend we are off to Halifax once again, with the entire family for once. Jai and I are looking forward to sneaking out to see the final Harry Potter movie on the big screen, I have a giant chai latte with my name on it somewhere out there, and Griffin wants to go the bookstore (mostly, I admit, for the toys.) Plus, he got pretty used to having Grandma and Grandpa and Kaslo around to play with.

September, I've decided, is my favourite month of the year. I just love that "almost fall" air, and the light is so gorgeous at this time of year. I'm sure I'll be going through wedding photography withdrawal (although there is one more coming this month) so hopefully that will translate into taking many more family pictures. If you are interested at all in checking out some of the wedding shots, they're over on the photography blog ( I'm super pleased with how they turned out, and I've got lots more to put up soon.

And now that things should be settling back down a little, we will have some time to try and prepare for baby #2. We're getting closer with our name list (I think) and a few little things have been picked up on various Frenchy's trips, but we haven't really sat down and thought about what we will actually need. It would be nice to get that organized before he/she is ready for his/her Big Debut. We're still at the bottom of the hill on that particular roller coaster, but we're getting closer and closer to the top! (Hold on tight!)