Thursday, August 11, 2011

Waiting for August to Arrive...

Hello! It's hard to believe this is August. I know there are people out there who are suffering under a heat wave, but I think we might have the opposite problem. It's been rainy, sweater weather for a while now. I actually arranged it so Griffin can finish the second week of his swimming lessons the last week of August. Hopefully it will warm up, and we won't feel like it's torture to get into the pool! Not that he wasn't enjoying himself immensely, because he was! Jai had last Friday off, so I convinced him to get in with G so I could get a couple of pictures.

I also got a couple of pictures of Griffin enjoying his (big, empty) room. We've started putting it together since then - the curtains are hung, the rug is down. Now we just have to drill some holes to find some (randomly placed - thanks 1880) studs in the walls, and we can hang his shelves and his moon light. He'll sleep in his crib still for the first couple of weeks, then we'll set up the big bed for the first time, and try that out. Hopefully he loves it, and *mostly* stays in it.

I can't believe how fast this summer has gone by. I keep waiting for it to start, and we're already half way through August! I bought corn and peaches at the Farmer's Market this week! Tomorrow Sarah and I are going to try and make dill pickles out of all the pickling cucumbers we have growing in the yard.

Then it's off to Halifax to do another wedding, the last one in the city for this year. We might end up staying a few extra days for a family shoot, but when we get home, Griffin's bedroom will be ready for him to move into, and we'll have a new washer and dryer!

It's probably all out of proportion how excited I am about this new washer and dryer, but after spending the last year without a dryer, I'm REALLY looking forward to doing the first load! It was a very generous baby gift from my Mom and Errol, and it's going to make my life that much easier, as we get back into cloth diapers and potentially have TWO little ones soiling them. Griffin and potty training so far seem to have no interest in each other. He'll sit on the potty for 45 minutes, and nothing will happen. Then he'll get up and run around, and within minutes he's peed all over the floor. Hmmmm. . . not sure what to do about that. Good thing he's so cute!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sneaking in Some Summer

Hello! Just stopping in for a quick hello. Jai will be home from work any minute, and I expect to hear Griffin waking up from his nap any second. That top picture is the snapdragons from our garden!

We've been trying to sneak in moments of "summer" here and there, wherever it presents itself. We signed Griffin up for swimming lessons at the local (outdoor) pool. So far, we've had one nice, hot day, one day that was cancelled due to thunder and lightening, and two cold, cloudy, and windy days. Griffin and I are the only ones signed up for the Mom & Tot class, but the Beginner's Swim (3-5 years) happens at the same time. Griffin is always first kid in and last kid out. He loves it, even with me trying to gently dissuade him the last two days (that water is COLD!) The last two days, it has been so cold that our lessons are mostly accompanied by panicked screams and sobs from the older kids. Seriously, it sounds like a medieval torture dungeon soundtrack. But Griffin is in there, smiling and kicking the whole time, even when his little teeth are chattering. Today he said, "Those other kids are sad, hey, Mommy?" (kick, kick, kick.)

We also took a day to head down to Annapolis Royal and tour the historic gardens with my good friend (Auntie) Jo. It was lovely - Griffin ran the whole way, with a big mischievous grin on his face almost the entire time. I posted even more pics of that over on the photography site (

This weekend we're back to Halifax for another wedding, but we also get to pick up all the furniture for Griffin's bedroom. We found some people on Kijiji who offer monthly trips to the "local" Ikea (in Boucherville, QC) and were able to order everything we wanted for Griffin's room. I can't wait to bring it home and get it all set up. He already knows where everything is going to go, and seems to be most excited about the shelves. I hope he loves it! We'll post pictures when it's done.

He's a bit of a band-aid fetishist.

Anyway, Jai's home now, and I hear some faint stirring in the other room. Bye for now - have a lovely week!