Monday, September 25, 2006

On the road again...

We're back on the road again, after spending the last six days visiting in Ontario. We spent a couple of days at the camp Jai's parents own in Northern Ontario, then came down to Newmarket just outside Toronto. It was really nice to take a little bit of time relaxing at the camp - Jai and his Dad spent time making the trailer waterproof (mostly!) and I walked around and took lots of pictures of leaves and trees. The photo function doesn't seem to be working, so I'll to post them later.
It was great to see the new addition to the family - Jai's brother Brad, and his wife, Karissa just had their first baby (Rowyn.) She's very tiny and very sweet. The next generation has begun - Jai's cousin just had a baby as well. Now we can tell them that we knew them when they were too small to do anything but wiggle.
Yesterday we did a big shopping spree at Ikea. We got a huge table that seats ten so we can have all sorts of company (but not yet, unless they want to sit on the floor) and an awesome farmhouse-style sink, and lights and fun stuff. Plus sandwiches, but no one tried the meatballs. Maybe next time.
Tonight we're in Cornwall, just at the border of Ontario and Quebec, and tomorrow we should make it all the way to New Brunswick. Wednesday we're hoping to be in the house! We're getting there - we've done over 5000 kilometers now. I knew it was a big country, but it didn't really mean anything until we started to drive across it.


Karissa & Brad said...

Hi Guys! It's Wednesday. Where are you guys now???? How is the trip? Any more leaks?
Miss you.
Karissa, Brad and Rowyn (and Khaos too!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jai and Lauren,

Remember me-Barb Landell, 598-0358?

Well I finally got your blog so I could take a peek at how things are going for the 2 of you.

Congratulations on being married? Isn't it great? I loved my wedding day-I saw your pics from yours and you both look radiant.

Anyway-your trip sounds eventful-read the blog about getting stuck.

Good luck with everything and do miss your familiar, friendly, and helpful spirits-

Barb Landell 598-0358!