Saturday, October 07, 2006

I thought I'd put a few more road pictures up. This is Peanut on the road. The bunnies are VERY glad to be back on solid ground, although they haven't made up their mind about all the banging noises and rampant dust.

This is a picture of our new niece, Rowyn sitting on her Grandma's shoulder. She sure s a sweetie, but she didn't want to stay still. Life is just too interesting!

We saw a lot of amazing colour, especially through Northern Ontario. Driving through Northern Ontario is like riding a roller coaster. We couldn't believe it. Every major downhill ends with a sharp hairpin turn that you almost can't see coming until you're about to be on it. I guess if you miss you get a nice close-up and personal view of Lake Superior, but luckily we managed to make every curve, and my hair is still brown. Jai might've gone white, though, it's kind of hard to tell...

This is us on the other ocean. We actually drove from ocean to ocean.

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