Friday, October 27, 2006

wainscotting ahoy

We've just about finished our first room!

It took us most of the day to get the crown molding up. What a task! Especially when you only have hand tools! It worked out pretty good in the end, though. Tomorrow it just needs one more coat of paint on the moldings, and then it's done! We'll be putting furniture in it tomorrow as well, so I'll post a before and after shot, just so you can realize the true immensity of the task we are about to complete.
Other than that, we have not much news. We've been getting some pretty good mail in the last two days - thanks Mom and Grandma! I guess this is as close to a letter as I'll be doing for now. So "Hi!" I really love hearing all your news.
It was cold here today, hovering around zero, but it was also sunny and crisp. It was actually really nice, the night sky was just beautiful right after sunset. I had to go out and buy some halloween candy, it's starting to feel like Halloween around here. They have a thing called the Pummpkin People that's mostly in Kentville, but seems to be spreading through the valley. People seem to really have fun setting up big tableaus. It gives us lots of good ideas for next year! This is the only one we actually have a picture of so far:

And here's some pictures of Webster and Peanut. As you can see, Webster has gained a little bit of weight, although he would probably tell you it's just fluff...


Anonymous said...

it looks great so far - I can hardly wait for the next set of pictures! Webby is not fat, he just has his father's bones. hmmm, that doesn't work as well for him as it does for Yoda and me does it? OK, he's just really fluffy!! Peanut looks like she still can't understand how Webster got so big - he was much smaller on the West Coast side of the country.

Anonymous said...

hi guys, great job on the wainscotting! I was reading the Times Colonist today and I came across an article about house blogs. thought you might be interested - you can either do a search or try Mr. Bungle O, The Kentville Money Pit and Kitsilano Fixer. Keep up the great work!! Errol

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hey guys! We just posted pics of the new room - what do you think? We're pretty proud of it! Write more soon - love you! (Bonk!)