Tuesday, October 10, 2006

PIcnics and Pizzas

Here's some pictures of our new house:

Unfortunately we didn't get any "before" shots of the outside - the grass was so tall, Jai had to mow and rake it four times to get it down to a reasonable size. And Mom pruned so much that it took the garbage guy three loads with his trailer to get rid of it all. Looks pretty good now though, if I do say so myself. And the town has this giant garbage day where they will take any 20 items you put out, which seems to turn into "free garage sale day" and I got some awesome chairs (that only need a LITTLE repair.)

We're making progress on the library. Tore out all the peeling wallpaper and plaster, insulated the outside wall, and screwed in all new drywall. Drywalling sure is tough when NOTHING is square. So we'll be using lots of spackle, but it will look awesome when we're done. Plus, it'll be covered with books anyway.

Today was really nice. Emma came up from Dartmouth and helped out with the house, which gave us a great excuse to take a nice, long lunch break. We picked up some Timmy's sandwiches and drove to The Hamptons. It was a beautiful day here - sunny and warm, and the nearest beach - Hampton Beach - is really very pretty. It's got huge tides, but I've only seen it up so far. Lobster season is about to start - they were down there getting the traps ready today.

While it is only about ten kilometres to the beach from our house, you do have to go over a mountain to get there (hence the valley) and we also stopped at the public park at the top of the mountain. It has a lovely view of Bridgetown and the Annapolis River snaking it's way through the valley. Today it seemed like Paradise (which is also only about ten km away!)

Then tonight, Emma picked up her children, Jakob and Samantha and Jai made pizza for everyone. Delicious as ussual. It'll be so nice when we can make it with things that we grew in our own garden. One of these days we're going to rent a rototiller and just go nuts. Well, it's after midnight here, so I'm going to bed!

P.S. Can anyone identify this plant?

P.P.S. For all you hockey fans out there (you know who you are....)

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