Thursday, June 21, 2012

Making Jam, Story Walking, Visiting the Bookmobile...

Hello!  Just a quick note here again - I'm seriously hoping to get into the shower tonight, and don't want to jeopardize that by staying up too late on the computer.  We've had some long nights this week, and I won't be able to keep my eyes open too much longer here.
But I did want to share some of the stuff we've been up to, before these photos become hideously out of date!
So first up, for me, is the fact that I made jam this week.  Rose Petal and Rhubarb Jam, to be precise.  It took about six times longer than it should have (frequent stops are de rigeur around here) but I got it done, and it's totally delicious.  I had a little me moment this morning, while Griffin ate his cereal and Holly ate a wooden ring, to thoroughly enjoy my Cheddar and Chive Biscuit (from the Farmer's Market) slathered with butter and Rose Petal and Rhubarb Jam.  Yum!  Every day should start that way!

Also last week, we had the Grand Opening of the Story Walk.  It's a nice little addition to the park, all along the path from the road to the playground.  There are many posts, each with a page from the book "Juba This, Juba That" and a corresponding action.

Griffin loves doing it ("I'm big enough to do the Story Walk - I'm this big!" (hands reaching to touch the top of his head)) and had a head start, since it was up for a few days before the Grand Opening.

Also, the Family Matters picnic happened at Port George, and Jai was there with the Bookmobile.  Griffin was in heaven, seeing Daddy and the Bookmobile!

And Good Night!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Considering Life as Usual

What?!?  Half-way through June already?!?  Honestly, I don't understand how the time just disappears like that.  But here we are.
Ummm.... I don't actually have much to say.  The days, I guess, are such a blur these days, that I haven't really stopped to consider them at all. I guess that's why it's good to head over here once in a while, and look back.
Griffin lately has been reading books to himself, which is pretty fun.  He also loves calling people up and leaving messages on their machines.  Most of the messages consist of very loud renderings of "The Wheels on the Bus" in all it's various verses.

Holly likes to clap her hands, she's finally starting to nap properly, and she chews on everything.  She did her first finger painting today at the library.
Griffin wasn't really into the finger painting, but did enjoy pouring paint onto his paper, and then driving his car through it to make tracks.
Jai has been worried about the fate of the Bookmobile here in the Valley, and scheming ways to try and see Prometheus in the theatre.  And enjoying some full-body snuggles from Griffin as they lie in the sun on the deck.
I have been reading all sorts of canning recipes and dreaming of opening my own cafe.
Pretty much, life as usual.

Monday, June 04, 2012

A Moment to Catch Up

Hello!  What a busy time of year this is.  We are busy being outside, meeting up with friends and neighbours, preparing our little patch of Earth for fresh plants, and enjoying fresh air without winter coats.

  On top of all that, we are trying to establish more of a sleep routine for little Holly.  What with one or two twenty minute naps, and then being up every 45 minutes all night long, we were all feeling the burn of too little sleep.  Something had to be done.  Holly's bed moved from right beside ours to the next room over, and instantly she slept much better.  There you go - she's a light sleeper, and as far as I know, there's no such thing as baby earplugs.  Also, I am trying to put her down a little bit awake, and comforting (as opposed to nursing) her back to sleep, if it's been less than six hours.  Then, we try and make her nap every two hours, unless she has a longer nap.  So far, she has been responding like a champ! Go, Holly!  The fog is lifting!

I've done a couple of really fun photo shoots (see my photography site, if interested) and a Wedding Show.  The wedding show was a little slow, but I'm glad I went anyway.  I'm feeling torn this year, between doing as much as I can get, and remembering that Holly still needs me.  Such is the life of a parent.  Hopefully next year, I can really start to pick up the photography business.  For now, though, it is giving us a nice balance between small bits of work, and being home for the kids.

In other news...hmmm.... Griffin's fish, who started out as five, have now become nine.  No one else seems to think this is as cool as I do.  To me, this is way beyond neat.   The once-appropriately named "Belly" had four little babies, who managed to avoid the other fish long enough to survive on their own.  What?!?!  I had fish tanks as a kid, but never once did I have baby fish.  Seriously, it kind of blows my mind.  I know, no one's really with me on this.  Blows. my. mind.

What else?  Here's another photo catch-up:

GG and Griffin, doing puzzles:
 This photo of my Grandpa just captures him well, I think:
 And words can't express how much I love this photo:
 And this one:
 Yup, and this one:
 Oh, joy:
 Joy, joy, joy:
 These photos are of my grandparents, who came out for Griffin's birthday, all the way from Victoria, BC.  I'm so glad they did - it was wonderful for them to meet Holly, and for Griffin to see them again, in person.  Griffin and Graypa:
 And here's Griffin and Grandpa:
 Engaging in the time-honoured tradition of throwing rocks into the lake:
 Almost the same, in Black and White:
 And there's something about this photo that takes my breath away:
 And here we are, at the Halifax Public Gardens, seeing the Titanic!!!!!!!!!!!!:
 It's the Titanic!!!!!!!!!!!:
 It's not sinking:
 Oh well, here's a stick:

 And a hole - another time-honoured tradition:

 All right, I'm almost caught-up!