Monday, October 23, 2006

ottoman blue?

Hello! We feel like we got a lot done today.
This morning we painted our upstairs room. The colour turned out to be a little more green than we were expecting (considering it's called "Ottoman Blue") but once it was dry we decided we like it a little better, and I think it's starting to grow on us. What do you think?

We're putting wainscotting on the bottom half of the walls (no, we didn't forget to paint that part!) Plus the ceiling will have crown molding up, so all the roughness from pulling the wallpaper down will disappear.
This afternoon we picked up a cord of wood from a guy on the South Mountain. It was our first time on the South Mountain - very pretty, but not as nice (in my opinion) as the North Mountain. We got a full cord of apple wood that was supposedly dry, but some of those pieces weigh a ton, so some of it is definitely still soaked. It took us two trips in the truck, and then we spent some time stacking it nicely, and picking out pieces to turn or resaw. It was pretty fun!

And we found two knots that we thought made a pretty good face:


Anonymous said...

what a great colour! It will look fantastic with the wainscotting and the crown molding ... well done. The walls look great - Jai, all that spackling/sanding and related work (ok, and patience) has paid off. Nice. That apple wood looks pretty - think of all the bowls, pens, and boxes ... and of course, of how warm and cozy you will be this winter!! Love the wheelbarrow. xo Mom

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hi Mom! Yup, I like the colour more every time I see it, can't wait to see it after we put up all the moldings, I think it will be gorgeous. A nice big empty room since we left all the couch cushions at your house! Love Lauren