Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Emma-nator

Hello. Things are settling in nicely here with Emma the cat. She has an incredibly sweet personality and has completely won both of us over (I was easy.) She likes to sleep under the bed or on the corner by my feet, and one of her favourite activities, when she's not getting pets and snuggles is to sit in the windowsill and look out the window.

In other news, yesterday we got a call from the Mayor telling us to come get that wood. He's actually resigning and moving to another part of Nova Scotia, so he was getting rid of just about everything. You know us, in addition to two truckloads worth of wood, we picked up two trunks, an NFB film carrying case, and a picture frame. I wonder how long before our very big house starts to feel very small....

Anyway, there was some really nice pieces in the pile. It was mostly spruce and pine, but there were also oak, beech and birch boards as well. I planed up a couple of small pieces of beech today, and it's beautiful stuff - lots of character, just the way I like it.

Also today we finally got our new light hung in the bedroom. We took the ceiling fan out yesterday and tried to put up the new light, but we had trouble figuring out the wiring because it was so complicated. We could either get the bedroom light to go on, but not turn off, the closet light to work, but not the bedroom, or nothing working at all. We had to call in the reinforcements and get Stan on the job. After Jai talked to his Dad, everything became much clearer and we finally got the stupid thing to work. But we both felt like our arms might drop off by the time we were done. So, how many hours does it take Jai and Lauren to hang a new light fixture? I don't even want to think about it.

And...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAD!!! Hope you had a good one. Looks like a pretty yummy cake.

We just heard Emma crunching away on something in the closet, and when jai investigated, it turned out Emma found a bag of her treats, dragged it into her bed in the closet (which is where we give her treats), opened it, and got all the treats out of it. We managed to recover most of them, but certainly not all. No WONDER she was so quiet all day today.

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