Saturday, November 04, 2006

Maritime Adventure Madness

Hello everybody. We've had a few days off from working on the house, as we visited with Joel and Jocelyn, so there's not a lot to report on the house front. We dropped Joel & Joc at the airport yesterday after spending a fun afternoon tootling around in Halifax. It's such a neat city, one of these months we'll have to take another day or two to look around at stuff. We DID find time this trip to visit Halifax's newest restaurant - Bubble's mansion.

It was very fine dining, I had Gourmet Mac ' Cheese, and Jai had Deep-fried Venison Pepperoni. We also ordered an Atlantic pizza - pumpkinseed pesto, peppered smoked salmon & mozzarella. So next time you're in Halifax, you should check it out.

The day before that we spent bumming around the Valley. In the morning we went down to the river and did some whale watching. Yes, Bridgetown has it's very own whale. We were walking over the bridge when we first noticed all the commotion. The first fellow we talked to told us it was a "Mako Shark" (he was a little confused) but we think he was trying to say "Minke Whale." It had just swum down to the Rail Bridge, so we took a little detour and walked down. He's just a little guy, somewhere around 10-15ft long. He was doing laps right in front of us, and I tried to get a picture every time he came up.

He's in this one - can you spot the fin? (hint: you may need to blow the picture up by clicking on it!)

He was so close, I got a little excited and forgot to look where I was pointing the camera for this shot, but at least you can tell how far away he was:

We decided to continue our fishy theme by going down to Digby for some scallops and a lobster dinner. I didn't have a lobster, but everyone else enjoyed theirs immensely, and they just looked so cute in their little bibs. Here's a before and after for ya:

You can't get the full picture unless you hum loudly to yourself an instrumental version of "sexual healing" and other Muzak as you contemplate the scene.

This morning we had our second curling lesson which went very well. We're really enjoying ourselves and looking forward to our first game on Monday night. Dave (our teacher so far and the man who is in charge of our league) has put us on the team of a fellow who has taught junior curling for some 20+ years, so we're feeling like we'll be in good hands, and we stopped at the Canadian Tire last night on our way home from dropping Joel & Joc off, so Jai could pick up a slider.
We spent the afternoon tidying up and doing little chores before we get back to tackling the big jobs. I did a test on a piece of glass for the treatment I want to do on the front door. We used spray-on adhesive to stick some leaves on a piece of glass I found on the empty lot. Then we sprayed glass frosting over the glass, and peeled off the leaves. It worked pretty well, and Jai stuck it up in the kitchen window so we could take down the ugly curtains. He took a picture of it from the outside.

We're both liking it, so I'll probably do the front door in the next day or two. It's fun to do something easy like that which turns out to be so dramatic.


Anonymous said...

hi there - the window frosting looks quite good - does it limit your view out too much? It will look nice on the front door window! Jai, you'll have to post a picture of you holding Webster like Bubbles is holding his cat ... otherwise, good impersonation! Hope you guys have a great day - happy sanding!! xo Mom

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hey Mom! Webster does bear some resemblance to that cat. Hmmm....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you eat lots of cake and good Chinese food. Chinese food sounds good. Thinking of you guys! Love Lauren