Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hello. No progress reports on the bedroom yet. We spent a large portion of yesterday working on it. We got the curtains hung (they look great - a huge improvement over the nubby orange ones on the broken rod that were there before,) hung a mirror (which matches the room perfectly - go Ikea!) and then Jai worked on caulking the window while I worked on stipping the door we are turning into a headboard. Then we had a lovely visit from Steph, Johanne, and Justin. They didn't stay for too long, but we got to show them the house and a little of the area. Justin said our house was a "perfect hide and seek house" and I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of that before. He also found all the dusty spots, and Johanne had to explain to him that it was a work zone, like Steph's shop. Oops, guess he inherited Errol's "neat" genes - we'll have to dust next time!

It was great to see them, they are always so much fun. And hopefully we will see them all again soon, as it looks like we may be in Halifax, or they may be in the valley again, in the next couple of weeks.

Then we went to our second curling game. And we won again, so now we can claim the title of undefeated. Good thing we've got a good skip. And we met the other fellow on our team, Steve. He was super friendly, too. We're really enjoying curling, spent way too long today humming and hawing in the Canadian Tire over whether or not to buy curling shoes. A hundred bucks a pair. We both feel like it's something we'll want to keep doing, though, so I'm sure we'll reconcile ourselves to spending the money. It wouldn't hurt so much, if we hadn't had to buy our house insurance today. We knew it was going to be more, but were a little shocked to find out it's more than double the cost of renter's insurance. Oh well, it's just one of those things.

Today was a weird and atmospheric kind of day, very strange lighting, check out these picks from around 4:30 in the afernoon.
Facing West:

Facing East:

It was very warm and muggy, and we were hoping for thunder and lightning, but it didn't happen. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

ps ... even though my last message hasn't shown up yet (maybe it got lost in the ether?) ... Dr S and Les M were at G&Gs (I have to use code coz they're all leary of cyberspace)-they love what you've done so far and are amazed at how much you've done already. They think this is going to be your next business - I've told them about the church st house and coal bin ... is it for sale privately?? XO me (code again :)

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

well, we're getting much better at the whole reno thing as we go, but I don't think a person could make a career of flipping houses in Bridgetown, unfortunately. Not at the moment anyway! The Church st. house is no longer for sale, we think we've met the couple who bought it. If it is them, they are doing a complete revamp, right down to the studs in the whole house. They aren't living in it at the same time! I'm pretty sure their plan is to live in it after, though. Lucky bums! Hi to Dr S, Les M and G & G.