Sunday, December 03, 2006

Finishing the Bedroom

These are some befores:

And these are some afters:

Yay, we finished the bedroom shelf. I think it looks great! Now all that's left is to do the trim around the ceiling, but that is a small job that has to wait until we get into town to buy more trim. Other than that, after I build some bedside tables (which might be a while, with all the other jobs) we're counting the bedroom as done!

We've been having a Christmas-y weekend. Last night Bridgetown had it's Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. It was tons of small-town fun and charm. It was a really rainy night, so the kids choir cancelled and only about twenty people showed up, but we were all full of spirit, and they even closed off the street with the fire trucks, even though we were all standing on the sidewalk. Hooray. We got a video of it, but Jai has to figure out how to put it on Youtube, so you all can join in the fun and count down from 11, just like you were there. After the Tree Ceremony, it was Midnight Madness, where every store in town stayed open till midnight and had big sales. We were home pretty early 'cause there's only about ten stores but we did get free hot chocolate and we bought our very own game of Scrabble, which we played late into the night.

Today we went to the craft fair in Annapolis Royal. It was great fun. The quality of stuff was really great to see, especially after we were so disappointed by the Halifax show we went to. This was a real old-fashioned craft fair.

We won a door prize by walking in the door. There were lots of people there we knew, which was really fun, and we met a really nice girl who moved to Bridgetown a year ago, and her and her husband actually looked at our house. So we're hoping she'll stop by to see what we've done.
Oh, and also I made Christmas shorbread. It's so yummy, and it made the house smell sooooo good. I even took a picture:

And everything was so Christmas-y that the sky just had to spit out a few fluffy little snowflakes to send us off to bed tonight. You have to look really hard to see them, but they're out there.


Anonymous said...

hi - the bedroom looks great - well done!! What a huge difference - I love the wallpaper - the headboard, the shelf, the curtains, the light fixture - everything ...congratulations! Your West Coast picture looks great - picture it with snow and that's old home right now! Yummy looking shortbread - mmmmm mmmmmmm. it has almost inspired me to bake tomorrow. Love you lots - xoxo Mom/Joc

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hey! Thanks, we really like how the bedroom turned out. Right now it's my favourite room in the house, which just makes me more excited about what the rest of the house will be like when we finally get it done, too! And it's got a little piece of the West Coast in it, too. Talk to you soon! ~Love Lauren