Sunday, November 26, 2006

Emma's home!

Emma's home!!! That's the big news of the day. But first: we had a nice weekend. We went down to Halifax to do a bunch of stuff - some of which we actually got done. We went to the Atlantic woodworking show and picked up a few odds and ends that we've been needing, like hose for the dust collection. Then we had an amazing dinner and a great visit with Steph, Johanne and Justin. Steph made shish-ke-bob (yum!yum!) They were nice enough to let us sleep over at their house.

We were planning on going to see Danny Michel play again because he was playing in Halifax that night, but we had to go to Home Depot after dinner instead of before, because of the CRAZY Halifax traffic. We spent over half an hour in total gridlock. Then after Home Depot, neither one of us felt like going back over the bridge, and we were right by a movie theatre, so we went and saw Casino Royale instead. It was really good, just exactly what I was hoping it would be, and maybe even more. Yay! So even though we missed Danny Michel, neither one of us felt like the night was a loss.
In the morning we were planning on going to the auction in Truro, but our truck started leaking major anitfreeze all over the carpet on the passenger side, so instead we bought leak stop stuff and drove home. We did make one stop at Kent along the way, though, and it was really good that we did because we couldn't find any tile we liked at Home Depot, but found just the perfect tile for our kitchen counter from Kent. So it's on order, and we were feeling all jazzed about the kitchen and actually figured out a plan for what we want to do in there. We've been going back and forth for weeks, so it was nice to figure something out that we could both agree on.
Today was Emma! She meowed the whole way home, but she's settling in very nicely now. After some initial hesitation, she has now explored all the rooms we have open to her, as thouroughly as she can. She wants to be around us constantly, following us from room to room. It's very sweet.

We've just about finished up the bedroom. I got the headboard finished today, and we put the bed together. Our reading lights are hung, and we found a replacement for the overhead light at Home Depot, so we'll put that up tomorrow. We also bought that last roll of wallpaper we were needing, so that can get finished up as well. Almost there, and then it's on to the pantry.


Anonymous said...

hello from snowbound Mom and Errol! Actually, I was able to walk to work but the cars are stuck in the driveway - no snowplow seems willing to tackle the hill. Emma is very lovely - she will be running the house in no time. Hopefully everyone slept well on the first night. the bedroom looks nice - I like the headboard, Lauren, well done. Well guys - hope all is well in sunny Bridgetown and that you're back on the winning side of curling! XO Me

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hello! It sure looks like you guys got dumped on! Everyone here is talking about it, too. ttys

The Mama said...

Congradulations on the new addition to the family! She looks like she's settling in nicely.