Saturday, November 18, 2006

Well, it's been a busy couple of days. Yesterday, we rented a 32' ladder so we could finish up some of the outside chores. We hung the Christmas lights right up into the peak of the house - a very hairy operation that had everyone driving by at 10km/hr.
Jai at the top of the ladder:

Then Jai cleaned all the gutters while I held the ladder and got splattered with gutter gunk. Then we trimmed a brach off the tree that was overhanging the house. Another hairy operation - that branch was a lot bigger-looking once it was on the ground than it looked when it was way up in the air. Anyway, mission accomplished:

So we felt pretty good about ourselves. Then we went to curling practice. I tried the slider for the first time. Yikes! Let's just say Doug gave us his own personal key so we could come in and practice. This is a picture of my knee (the next day!)

It looks like my Olympic career may be on hold. Now we must rely on Jai, who has been using the slider all along.

Today we finally pulled all the wood out of the trailer and re-organized it so it's accessible. And yesterday when we were hanging out at town hall, the mayor came in and asked if we had a moment to speak to him "as good neighbours." Curious. Then he proceeded to offer us a bunch of free wood he has sitting in his basement! Yay, those are the magic words! ("free wood," not, "as good nieghbours")

And I finally finished a box I have been working on for a while. My parent's cat, Tieling had to be put to sleep a little while ago. She was the sweetest little cat ever, and I wanted to make something for her ashes to be kept in, because they just give you the same crappy jar. So, this box will be on it's way to you, Mom and Errol, some time soon. Hope you like it.


Anonymous said...

hi guys! Lauren, I know this will sound corny, but Errol and I both got very teary when we saw the box - you have captured the look and very essence of TieLing so beautifully. Thank you! You are an artist with wood.
Jai, you're a brave man to go up that ladder - the picture really doesn't do the distance up justice. Nice branch! The gutter gunk is great compost if you guys want to push it into the garden.
Love you lots - thank you! XOXOXO Mom/Joc and Errol

Anonymous said...

hi guys. Well, when I read the latest at 5:30 this morning, I ended up in a flurry of tears when I saw your box for TieLing's ashes. I was upended. Lauren it is truly exquisite, and I dare say that you should include this in your repertoire for your commercial portfolio. I see TieLing's regal authority and poise greeting me when I look again and again at the box... It's truly beautiful Lauren.

So, Jai, the ladder scene is just a bit unnerving! Now that they're up will they be the kind of lights that stay up? No wonder the neighbours were driving by in a 10 km per hour roll...ready to rescue maybe! You two do realize that you are the new excitement, the source of many invigorating conversations and wonder amongst the townfolks? Jai, good on you for mastering the slider. Lauren, have you considered concealing knee pads under your curling pants? All in the name of saving one's bones from tissue trauma and blood loss...aka bruises!

Is the whale still in the river? I was wondering about whether it had finally found its way back to the salty brine. Have you heard on the streets whether this is a common phenomenon?

Your bedroom looks great. The wallpaper will reflect and respond to every kind of light it greets. It's pretty neat. Well, I have to get back to report cards. Take care and thanks for the fun of reading, the joy of newness, and the tears of love.

Have a good weekend too! Love A. Janet

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hey Guys! Thanks for the posts, it's so nice to hear from you - it means a lot! I'm glad you like the box, I like it, too. I enjoyed the whole process of making it - choosing the woods and piecing it together. Tieling's spirit was easy to capture because it was so big.
We bought ourselves proper curling shoes today, which made a huge difference - and I actually bought a knee pad to go under my pants! It made a huge difference at our practice tonight. My knee is still brown, but just a little happier.
The whale has gone back out to the big blue sea, it was just a short visit. Apparently the same thing happened last year with a large grey whale, so we're hoping it will be at least a yearly occurence, as long as it continues to end happily.
Talk to you soon! Love Lauren (and Jai!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lauren,

I am so sorry to hear about Tieling...she was a great cat and I'll never forget all the "gifts" she brought to me over the years. The box is absolutely gorgeous. It's just right. When I come to see you will you teach me how to curl?? I think a slider might be in my future! I read your blog all the time and I feel so caught up on your life, but you are not caught up on mine! I'll send you an email and tell you all the details. All my love to you and Jai, Kim xxoo

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hey Kim!!!!! I was just feeling sad that I hadn't heard from you, when Jai came in and told me to go read the Blog comments! yay! You know just when I need to hear from you!
Of course I will teach you to curl. Haha, that would be funny to you if you'd ever seen me on ice. Actually, you probably have. It's SUPER fun, though, even if you suck. Can't wait to hear all your news! Love Lauren (and Jai!)

Christie & Mike said...

Hey guys,

Glad you are having a good time with the curling. I also have to say Lauren you are WAY braver than I was. I think I played for over a year using duct tape on the bottom of my runners before I moved on to a slider... to be fair, my first time out, when I was 12, my teacher gave us all sliders and I fell on my chin (I still have the scar).

Opa and mom also say hi and were glad to hear you got your card.



jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hey Christie! I would happily have stayed with the tape for a year or more if Doug (our skip & coach) would have let me. Oh well, I'm somewhat starting to get the hang of the slider, and having a proper gripper on both feet when sweeping made me very happy! Hi back to Opa and your Mom! Talk to you soon ~Lauren