Friday, November 24, 2006

The Cattery

Happy Birthday to me! Yay! I had a GREAT birthday, it was so much fun. Normally I have to work on my birthday, and it was so much fun to just take the WHOLE day off and goof around. We had an awesome relaxing morrning, and then we went to "The Cattery" and met all 25 cats that live there. We quickly narrowed it down to three cats, and then down to two. But how to decide between the two? I don't know. It's very difficult, they were both SO sweet. We finally decided on a little black one named Emma, but when I think about it, I still think we should bring Shasta home too, so Jai has had to very firmly put his foot down that we can only get one. ONE! I don't know how people do these things. It's hard to leave one behind.
This is Shatsi. She's a shoulder sitter, but got left behind because she snarled at me when I was petting her:

This is Shasta, she was incredibly sweet:

And this is Emma, the one we are going to take. She was so sweet and friendly. You can't see it in this picture but she's got "double paw" - like an extra toe (apparently it's a Nova Scotia thing.) She really likes Jai.

Anyway, after that we drove into Greenwood and had Chinese Buffet and bought kitty supllies. Then we came home and went to the pub for a piece of cake. It was ladies' night at the Home Hardware, so we dropped in there too (there were other men there, already.)
Oh, and this morning I got all sorts of fabulous mail - thanks everybody that sent stuff, that was so much fun! I had lots more things to say, but since it's really late, it'll all have to wait for another day! Goodnight!


Christie & Mike said...

I want a kitty dammit! Stupid allergies. I'm glad you had a good birthday and that you got the package. I was starting to get worried. It was actually meant as a housewarming for you both, especially since my burning ppl ending up not working out... Oh No! I just realized I don't think I took the price tag off. Gah. Major gift faux pas. Sorry about that (insert embarassed look here).
Lotsa hugs. Christie
PS. I got Mike to put some photos of his "school work" up on our blog. Take a peek. Lucky guy.

Anonymous said...

what a hard decision! Errol is relieved that we're not nearby as the remaining two would be in our home by now! Sigh. Welcome to Emma! XO Mom/Joc

Christie, what is your blog address (is that the right terminology?)

Christie & Mike said...

Hi Aunt Joc,

I think if you click on our name at the top of the comment it will take you to a link you can click on. Hope all is well in Victoria, I'm getting proficient at boiling water here...what are we on day 10 or something? Lotsa love.