Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Weather willing

Not too much has happened here over the last couple of days. Yesterday was a beautiful day outside, and we decided to take advantage of it, just in case it was the last beautiful day we see for a while. We raked up all the leaves in the garden, and dug another row up. Then we moved some of the dirt from the rows that we dug up in the part of the property we may be selling into the part that we aren't selling, so we have some really nice raised beds. After that, Jai mulched the leaves with the lawn mower and we spread the mulch on the raised beds. I'm going to put either newspaper and straw, or just straw over the whole garden, and then in the spring, we should be ready to go.

We found all sorts of neat things in the ground as we were digging. Some things not so old, like a yellow plastic seahorse watergun, and some things very old, like bones. Jai found a bunch of brick under one part of the garden that we think was maybe a foundation for something at one point. Our imaginations were going crazy, imagining all sorts of different things that it could have been. It made me feel really happy about owning this land. It's so neat to feel connected to the history, and to know that all this was here long before us, and hopefully will remain long after. And that any changes we make to the house or land will contribute to that, leaving clues for other generations. I feel exremely lucky.
Today it rained, so we stayed inside. I played around with layouts for the web-site, and Jai finished filling the cracks in the library floor. We went all over town looking for bunny food, and we actually found it. Also, I put the leaf ornamentation on the front door. I think it looks really great, it lets in all the light, is pretty, and helps us keep some privacy. Perfect!

I had to use the flash to get a picture, and the leafs look doubled up in the pic, but not in real life. And for all you worryworts, it will come off if we ever decide to do something different!
I spent a bit of time in the shop today, had to re-adjust my crosscutting jig, something changed in the move. I guess that's the price you pay for using wood runners, although it was relatively easy to repair. Jai and I have an interesting business idea that I will share later, if it looks like it will work out. All in all, just a blustery sort of day.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

That's too bad about Jai's face, so what my parents said was true!

No dice on the Smallville burning, but I have an even better replacement soon to be on its way... you'll just have to wait and see.

Sounds like you are having fun, talk to you soon.


jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hey Chris, thanks for the post. Too bad about Smallville, we'll have to get our fix another way. Hope you are enjoying life in the Big City! Don't forget to touch a plant once in a while :) Bye for now