Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We're the curling champs! We're savouring this moment, because we know it might be shortlived. We have a great skip named Doug - it was just the three of us today, as our fourth couldn't make it, so Jai and I got a little more practice at throwing rocks. I haven't seen anyone stretching or anything like that yet, but I can see that WE are going to have to stretch, even if we're the only ones, and we look like dweebs, cause we don't look very cool hobbling home, either!

Today we had our first snow.

This is us getting snowed on, and enjoying it. Tragically, Jai's face froze that way forever.

We got our dining room painted today. Yesterday we sanded and primed the walls, and today we got two coats of colour up. We think it looks great, and a major improvement on the Pepto Bismol pink. We also replaced the light with a much nicer one, which really helped the room. We'll probably put the old light up in the library, as even it is better than the existing light in there.
Before and after:

Some other shots:

That last one is in the daylight, and much closer to the true colour. What do you think?
We also primed the ugly old piece of furniture the previous owners left behind, and it looks MUCH better white. We actually kind of like it now, so that worked out well. Unfortunately, I don't have a before shot of it.

While we were painting, the birds finally discovered our little bird feeder, so we had a little chickadee visiting us all afternoon. It was great. Yesterday, while Jai was cleaning the gutters, we hung the suet feeder as well, so hopefully soon we'll get all sorts of birds. Does anyone know what kind of seed chickadees like? Right now we have sunflower seeds in the feeder, because I saw the bluejays eating Pearl's sunflower. They seem kind of big for chickadees, but the little guy did keep coming back. If anyone knows, and they prefer something smaller, let us know...


Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
I really like the color. Is the trim newly painted too or have you picked out another color? White looks good.
So let's talk birds. Chickadees love suet and especially if it has fruit and/or nuts. Let me know if you want my not so secret suet recipe. Millions have been served.
Way to go on the curling. Lauren, maybe you could start a "Yoga for Curlers" class.
Love you guys,

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hey Errol!
The trim will be white, but one day we will have to paint all of it, as some of it is chippiing off. We already scraped and repainted all the trim in the tv room, so we're waiting a bit to do it downstairs, as it's a big job!
Semi-secret suet recipe? We might be interested, if it's not too gross! The birds haven't discovered our suet feeder yet.
Yoga for curlers? Hmmmm. I wonder how many would come? It's a good idea, though, will have to ponder more!
Love Lauren

Anonymous said...

Hi guys:
just caught up on all the current events. You have been busy. Love the color in the dining room - better than pepto-bismal for sure. Our chickadees up north will eat almost anything in the bird feeder although Errols not so secret suet sound like a good idea. Good luck with the curling.
Love Mom