Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Letter to Holly, who is One

So our little baby turned one last week.  One years old already!  I'm sure any of you out there who have kids of your own can relate to how they alter your perception of time, but I'm still getting used to it.

Letter to Holly, who is one years old:

Hello little Holly,
I am so glad you have joined our little family!  The last year has been long, and  very short, and very, very wonderful.  At one, you are just beginning to look around the world in a different way than you ever have before.
You are studying us all, especially Griffin, and copying everything you can.  You aim high, too.  Yesterday I caught you climbing the ladder - you'd made it all the way up onto the second rung already!

The only time you get mad is when we stop you from doing something you have set your mind on doing.
You are becoming an expert in giving kisses and give them freely and sweetly to all who ask.  You're getting better at closing your mouth, too.
Your favourite game is Peek-a-Boo.  You will hide behind anything you can find, but your favourite thing is to grab the curtains and pull them over your face, while we all try to find you.  If you can't find something to hide behind, you will use your hands.
Your favourite toy is a little plastic horse that fits just right into your hand.  You like to make him walk around, and you're getting pretty good at saying "gallump, gallump, gallump" while you do it.  Sometimes him and sheep go on long walks together.
You LOVE books, especially books about animals, and especially if there are fuzzy/scratchy/grabby bits.  When you're really crying, and nothing is working, a book seems to do the trick every time.
I am so enjoying this time of watching you begin to experiment with the world around you.  I hope you never lose the ability to see things in this way, as fresh, and fascinating, and fun, and beautiful.  All the things you are.

And don't worry, one day those teeth WILL come in.

Love, Mama.


Anonymous said...

Hi Soloy-kin! What a great Christmas present! Pictures of Griffin and Holly, and a letter for Holly, all wrapped up with love and a birthday cake. Lauren, I know your Gm and Gp (Gigi and Grapa?) will be reading your blog tonight too. All hugs..A.j

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