Thursday, November 15, 2012

IF - Tree

The Illustration Friday word this week is "Tree."  As usual, a thousand ideas raced through my head, but I kept coming back to the time I was in an opera.  My Mom, for some reason, had decided that it would be a good idea to sign me up for an opera class.  Never mind that I can't sing, or act, or any of the things that might be considered pre-requisites.  By the time the actual production came up, I, along with a few other unfortunates, was cast as a tree.  I stood on stage for most of the play, but I was just part of the set.  With branches coming out of my head.
Anyway.  When I sat down to draw, this is what came out.  Just a pencil drawing this week :)

1 comment:

TC Harris said...

cute drawing. I love that you were assigned the role of tree.