Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dear Santa...

This is Griffin's letter to Santa this year.  At the top it says "Dear Santa (with picture of Santa, in red).  I would like a Lego truck for Christmas (the car in the middle is the Lego truck that he wants Santa to bring him).  Love, Griffin (with a picture of Griffin, in red, at the bottom)."

So, I know it's early, but we're all in Christmas mode around here.  We had a big weekend last weekend, re-arranging our living room, and it feels twice as big and brighter than ever, and we're all just ready to hunker in.  Not that we're doing a lot of that - it seems we have some sort of activity for every day of the week.  It's good, though, it helps me keep track of what day it is!
Anyway, what with one thing and another, we've begun our slow ramp up to Christmas.  I'm trying to make a lot of gifts this year, and to think ahead and order the rest on-line.  No malls for me (I hope!)  Although I suppose I will have to find a Lego truck somewhere, at some point!
Holly's birthday is tomorrow, and we almost went to a store to find her something, but decided (after the carseats were buckled, it was close) that it would be better to make her a little dress.  I had the pattern already, and the fabric, so Griffin and I cut it out while Holly was napping, and he picked a picture for me to embroider on it.  I'll take pics of her in it tomorrow, hopefully, and put them here soon.
This is her one year ago:

I've ordered mostly books for Christmas presents this year.  Holly is really enjoying books right now, and Griffin loves them too.  I keep looking around at the mess, and wondering if they really need more toys.  I've been trying to think of something else to do for Christmas this year, maybe something experiential instead?  Something we can all do together as a family?  Something not too expensive.  It's tough, though, with a limited budget and such young kids.  Any ideas?
My Christmas list would go something like this:
"Dear Santa,
We really need a bigger bed.  Four people in our double just isn't cutting it.  People are getting hurt.  Would appreciate anything you can do!  (Would a King-size mattress fit down the chimney, do you think?)
Love Lauren."


lola said...

What! A double bed. I'll use up my santa wish on you guys if it means you can get a bigger bed. Some mornings we have all six of us sleeping in our king size bed.

John M. Thomas said...

What a lovely blog. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Holly!! on your one candle cake!

Lauren, I love following IF from week to week too. Have a great weekend of birthday celebrations and never-too-early-preparation-for-Christmas-proceedings, too! L/Hugs, xo a. j.

TC Harris said...

Such a cutiepie, I LOVE that pic (even if it is a year ago :-)! Happy Birthday to Holly.