Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Photo Fun

Hello again,
I finally got around to doing some Christmas photos.  Or at least, I tried.  Jai pulled down a string of Christmas lights from the attic, and I pulled out my big white piece of fabric that I use for such occasions. In my head, we were about to create come Christmas magic.  Well, I suppose we did, in the end, but not exactly how I had pictured it.

I took over 500 photos (yes, five HUNDRED), I went back to the attic for more props, I broke out the snacks, I made every funny noise in my arsenal, and I ended up with not one single photo of both kids looking at the camera and smiling.  Not one!  I ended up with a lot of these,

and some of these,

and quite a few of these,

and one or two of these,

and some fun, sweet, photos,

but not one that was exactly what I was hoping for.  Oh well, serves me right!
 In other news, Holly popped her first tooth two days ago.  Finally!  She loves her tooth, and plays with it with her tongue, non-stop.

 We're all very excited for her.  I, personally, am hoping for a little more sleep in the week to come, now that it's out.  I'd like to get my brain back one of these days.  (Dear Santa...)


Anonymous said...

These pictures are great!!! Merry Christmas :)
xoxo mom, Errol and gang

TC Harris said...

Those are wonderful pics! I plan having a photo shoot soon and with 4 kidlets my expevtations are low. Lol.

Alison said...

Lauren, yours is my favourite blog ever.

The kid lets are perfect as they are. Hope you get to sleep for Xmas.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, as always. The kids are too cute.
Love: Mom & Dad Soloy