Sunday, November 04, 2012

Is it Christmas yet?

Hello!  Well, it's still looking and feeling a lot like Fall around here, but my mind is set squarely on Christmas!  The last few years have been pretty quiet, in terms of Craft Shows, but I have kept up with the Annapolis Royal Farmer's and Trader's Christmas show.  Which means, every year starting around October, I suddenly realize that I better get busy.

Last year all I made were some felted gnomes - something I make every year, as I have returning customers (!) So this year, I've been busy making gnomes, but also getting distracted making other stuff.  Stuff for my own kids.  Even though they don't actually need more stuff.  I just love the idea of handmade toys.  How much friendlier in the hand is something shaped by a hand?

My problem is that I always want to give it to them as soon as it's finished!  (I get too excited - it's one of the things that gets me into trouble.)  Anyway, November is sure to fly by in a flash.  We've got a whole wack of birthdays (including Holly's, mine, my Mom's, and my Grandma's) - all in the next three weeks.  Photos that people are waiting for.  Let me say that again, just to remind myself - Photos that people are waiting for.  Plus, a thousand and three projects that are about all I feel like working on at the moment.

Next weekend my parents are coming down to visit and watch the kids for us so we can re-arrange the furniture in the living room.  That might sound like a relatively small job, but we're dismantling and moving the bookshelves that fill one entire wall, as well as (finally) moving the various parts of our craft show booth up to the attic.  I'm hoping two full days will be enough!  We already gave up on the idea of repainting the walls and trim.  Come Winter, this is the room we spend most of our time in, and I  can't wait to see it have some new life.  There's something about rearranging a room that makes it feel as good as new - I'm super excited!
 As you can see, Halloween was good this year, if a little wet.  Our friend Jo (aka Auntie Jo) was over, and took some pics of all four of us.  We had two little bees bumping along in our little red wagon, and they both had a blast.  It was touch and go, right up to the last minute, whether or not we were actually going to get Griffin into a costume, but he decided as we were getting our shoes on that being a bee wasn't such a terrible idea after all.  Much better than last Halloween, which was a little traumatic.  And that's the power of candy.  "Mommy," says Griffin, "I LOVE candy."

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