Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Lauren Kaye Photography Web-site

I did it!!!! Check out my new site:

Whew! I've been spending all my spare time on this little project, and it's finally getting somewhere. Next step - get the word out :)


Anonymous said...

the new site looks great - the pictures are fantastic!! I was able to click on the Lauren Kaye Photography link that is right in the blogpost and it took me right to the site but the link on the right side of this blogpage didn't take me to the new site ... not sure if it is meant to or not ... or if it is just my computer (always possible)!
Sarah, you and your children are beautiful!
see you all soon. XOXOXO Mom/Joc/Grandma

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren - the new site is terrific. Best of luck with the new endeavour. Love the pictures.
Mom (soloy)