Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Chicken Named "Uh-oh" and Some New Pieces

Hello! We've had such a busy and eventful weekend around here, and I had my camera with me for almost none of it. Oh well, that's how these things go sometimes. Griffin and I (along with my friend Ambre and his friend Ella) tripped off to the Zoo on Friday. It was so much fun. They loved it - especially the chickens. While I oohed and aahed over the arctic foxes and barred owls, the cougars and the monkeys, Griffin and Ella mostly enjoyed the chickens, the goats, and one especially friendly donkey. Not that I can blame them, he actually got to touch the donkey (!!!!) And the chickens and goats ate up all the food that he generously dropped for them, prompting me to think that maybe we need a "house chicken," just to follow Griffin around all the time. We could name her "Uh-oh."

I also got some time in the shop to finish up a couple of pieces that I've been slowly working on for a while. It's nice when things start to come together. We all went to the beach this morning to search for some new driftwood, because the piece I was trying to use just wasn't working out. Much to my dismay, there was NO driftwood anywhere to be found on the beach - just a lot of beach fire remnants. Drat!
It turned out to be a blessing in disguise though, as we went in search of a less populated beach, and found the perfect one - mountains of driftwood! So I now have enough to last me a good long while. We even went back for a second trip. (Really, can you go to the beach too many times in one day?) Hooray! So here's some of the new pieces for you to preview: (I apologize in advance for the crappy photo quality)

Oh yes, I am having lots of fun.
Tonight we went for a walk along the river to the rail bridge and the old cemetery with some friends. It was the perfect evening for a walk (as seen in the top photo there) and a lovely way to end the weekend. They even brought along a basket of fresh garden strawberries. I love June!


Anonymous said...

sounds like a great weekend - love the seagulls!! a new beach - fun, fun, fun... Talk to you soon! xoxo M/J/G

Anonymous said...

Lauren, reading your blog is like a dose of Anne of Green Gables - it's wonderful! Have some strawberries for me. x rachel