Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Griffin's First Artwork

Hello Again! Hope you all are enjoying this Summer as much as we are! We've been absolutely loving having our deck! Every day we spend huge amounts of time out there. We've got a roasting pan full of sand, and a cake tray full of water for G to explore. He has so much fun splashing around, sifting sand through his fingers, getting wet and dirty. His other favourite deck toy is a big sheet of plexi that's been sitting out there, waiting to get cut down for frames. He loves it! He crawls around and around it, and just thinks the whole thing is hilarious.

Today, we had Jonah, and the two of them thought it was great fun to be on opposite sides of the plexi, looking at each other. Ridiculous, and oh so much fun.

On Sunday, Jai found some chalk, and gave a piece to Griffin, to see what he would do with it. So (drumroll please) I am proud to present Griffin's first ever Piece of Art:

He did a great job! I've been trying to get him to draw with a pencil, but he would rather chew it. Anyway, we were so excited and proud to see this appear! (Although there was a little bit of post-creation chalk chewing which resulted in the chalk being temporarily removed.)

His absolute favourite deck toy, though, is a Mommy or Daddy that he can crawl over, snuggle, and/or get wet and dirty. And we don't mind in the slightest.


Anonymous said...

Great job with the chalk Griffin! We have the same problem with crayons and chalk... Grace just puts everything in her mouth.

We have popped down to our local sandy beach (that we have a glorious panoramic view of out of our apartment windows so not far to go!). It is extremely exciting for Grace but also frustrating as I kept preventing her (well trying to) from eating the sand. Finn at least has learnt that it doesn't taste very nice. Great weather here at the moment and we too are making the most of it :)

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, Love the first art work! Yeah.... it is only natural that he follows his mommy's passions. The piece of plexi reminds me of what I used to do in my classroom--painting on plexi is great fun! Looking forward to being in N.S. a week from today, so keep up the good work with the fine-weather order...XO A. J...

Anonymous said...

hi all! A.J's paint in the above reference is instant pudding - vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch and coconut, yummm! great and safe way to let kids experiment with painting! we're looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday! xoxo M/J/G et al

Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day.
Great artwork - must be in the genes. Talk to you soon,
Mom & Dad