Friday, June 18, 2010


Hello again! Just stopping by for a quick update! Things are going well here, keeping very busy as usual! We've had an exciting week, but I can't really remember just WHY it was so exciting! It just left me with the general impression of exciting-ness. I finished off another piece:

And I revised one of the ones I showed you earlier. I'm much happier with it now, so here's the "after" shot:

Today Griffin and I did a photo shoot with Ambre and Ella. I just loved this picture, so I had to share it here.

Those two play so well together, it's hilarious. Ella seems to love to make him laugh. If you are interested, there are a couple more photos from the shoot at the Lauren Kaye site. Awful cute!

Speaking of cute, Griffin has been growing in leaps and bounds, and has recently doubled his vocabulary. Words he uses that Jai and I can understand now include:
-Meow (kitty)
-Mmmm (snuggles)
Although the last two he doesn't actually speak, he just uses his little hands to wave.
Words that Jai and I say that he can understand include all of the above, plus:
-Night night
Yes, notice how Mama is on the bottom list. He will occasionally say it, but only under duress. He's much happier to just say Dada for both of us. And I do seem to respond...
It's so much fun to discover what he can do! And he's started to string long conversations of sounds together. He's definitely saying something - we're just not smart enough to figure it out yet.
Anyway, it's getting late here, and I'm sure tomorrow will be another big day. It's supposed to be thirty degrees here tomorrow; I predict ice cream and ocean waves in our future!


Anonymous said...

hi! so many great pictures, Lauren ... my absolute favourite is the one of Ambre and Ella with Ambre's hair down and to the side - the composition is great and everything else about it is as well. Beautiful pictures all round - love the 2 kids playing too. Enjoy the heat - remember you don't have to shovel it! XOXO Mom

Anonymous said...

ps Griffin ... say Grandma ... Grraaanndmaaaaa :)