Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another of Nova Scotia's Hidden Gems

Hello! I finally got a chance to sit at the computer for a minute! Happy Belated Solstice! And Happy Belated Father's Day! We celebrated both with a trip down to Sandy Cove, on the Digby Neck. It was our first time there, but I doubt it will be our last - it's an absolutely gorgeous beach, and as you can see, we had it all to ourselves.

The kids loved all the sand - it really was a gorgeous, silky smooth sand - perfect for playing in.
There were even some excellent driftwood logs for practicing the timeless art of Log Balancing.
Griffin had a Ball, and I got to do a little more beachcombing, so I was very happy, too :) More pieces on their way any day now. Although, that "To Do" list is just not getting any shorter.

Yes, he's eating that seaweed - they sell that stuff for big money in the stores! It's that kind of childhood - go ahead and put that in your mouth, it's not going to kill you, and you might even learn something. Besides, it's been cleaned by the Ocean, right? Having said that, I do have limits - dried seaweed (yes), driftwood (sure), sand (why not?), funky feather (maybe not!)

It's another one of those places that the locals all know about, but you would never find on your own. It's a narrow, windy little road that takes you out to this:

And makes you very glad to be in Nova Scotia on a hot, summer day. Welcome, Summer!

Hope you all had an excellent start to the Official Summer Season, and got to enjoy all the Dads in your life, too. Jai was happy with his can of peppered cashews, and Manhood for Amateurs, the latest Michael Chabon book. Griffin gave him a lot of snuggles, some excellent dance moves, and a whole bunch of killer smiles. Who could ask for more?

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