Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some of our Favourite Things

Well, if you can't complain about the rain, how about complaining that it is too hot!  Yesterday it was 30 degrees, without the Humidex, and 41 degrees with the Humidex, and today it is already up to 30 and 38.  (Humidex, I understand, is like windchill in the winter - how hot it actually feels - which is calculated using moisture ratios, and formulas I didn't really try to understand.)  Too darn hot, and no mistake.  

I took some pictures this week of Griffin with two of his favourite things.  His little blue bear, which he loves.  He watches it, and snuggles it and sucks on it, and everything that is cute with it.

And his stripey blue blanket, see all of the above.

Some more contenders for 'favourite photo' I think.
He can get so engrossed in doing these things, that I have been able to sneak in the occasional activity of my own.  I had fun going through my old photographs, and drawing up and embroidering this wonderful lady.  I'm pretty happy with how it came out, although when I asked Jai his opinion, he could only say, "It's weird."  Well... yeah.

I suppose it is :)

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Anonymous said...

hi guys! great pictures! I think I remember someone, maybe your Great Grandma?, having a fox stole (is that the right word?) like that ... I just kept playing with it's head. the embroidery picture is great though! Love you - see you soon. XOXO M/J/Grandma :)