Tuesday, August 04, 2009

In Season

Hello!  We had a delightful and busy long weekend here in the Soloy family residence.  We actually went out and did stuff.  It felt good!  

We drove up the Valley to visit a discount fabric shop that Jai discovered on one of his Bookmobile routes.  It was great fun - I oohed and aahed over various fabrics, while Jai and Griffin did an extended photo shoot in the van, of which this is one of the results:

We stopped at Noggin's Corner on the way home, which is my personal favourite when it comes to Farmer's Stands.  

Everything is in season, all at once, which is exciting and overwhelming.  We bought the first sweet corn of the season, and it tasted amazing!  I couldn't even get a picture, because we gobbled it up too fast.  Local cherries, raspberries, blueberries and plums abound at the markets right now.  I never used to be a blueberry fan, but these little ones that they grow here are much tastier than the big, flavourless, gritty ones we always got in BC.  And the flowers in the garden are doing well.  I planted them last year, so it has been exciting to see the results.

Then on Sunday we went to the Drive-in.  

If you are lucky enough to have a Drive-in within reasonable distance of your house (ours is a 50 minute drive, which is pushing it, but worth it for the right movie) then it is definitely an excellent way to see a movie with an infant.  We pulled our beautiful red mini-van up to a spot, got settled in, and watched Harry Potter.  Griffin did great, and it was fun to have an adventure like that.

Monday my Mom came up for a visit, which was really great, and gave me a chance to get a much needed bit of shop time.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the boxes before they were sent off to Halifax.  But they were very nice!  

Our boy is going through another growth spurt right now, so he has gotten off his schedule and gotten a little fussy.  He grows so fast!  He's looking all around now, and he loves telling long stories to anyone who will listen.  I don't know exactly what he is saying, but he's very expressive, all the same.


Carleigh said...

Hey! You guys look great! Griffin is a handsome little boy. How are things going? I miss you.


jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Carleigh! I miss you too! I'm glad Jai caught up with you a little - Japan must be so much fun! Thanks for leaving a comment :)