Sunday, July 12, 2009

Two Months and counting...

It's been an eventful (by our current standards, anyway) couple of days here.  On Thursday Griffin had his two month checkup.  He got weighed and measured and poked and prodded, and pronounced perfect.  The Doctor said he is in the 75th percentile in height and in weight - he's going to be a big boy.  And he was all smiles for the Doctor... right up until the vaccinations.  Ah, the dreaded two month shots.  I have mixed feelings about this.  I'm all for vaccines, I just wish they could wait until he was a little older.  Anyway, he took them like a pro, and really only cried for a couple of seconds after each shot.  And then he got two matching bandaids.We thought the worst of it was behind us, until the next day.  

He had a small fever all day, and he was MISERABLE!  With the exception of a few half hour breaks, he screamed all day long.  Nothing could console him, the poor little guy, although we did our best.  It sure made me appreciate just how cheerful he normally is.  He's been feeling much better since, although he had his first nightmare the next day.  That made me kind of sad.  Now he has bad experiences to dream about, whereas before he sometimes laughed in his sleep, but he never woke himself up by crying.  But I suppose it had to happen eventually.  I'd love to, but I can't protect him from everything, even when he's this small.

As a contrast, though, we had a great day on Saturday.  My parents came down for a visit, and we all felt well enough to brave a trip down to Bear River, to check it out.   It was perfect - nice and relaxed and fun.  And I got some new treasures at my favourite Bear River hangout - I'll have to share them next time - I think you'll like them :)
  And today he's doing pretty good.  I've got him dressed in this adorable outfit I got at Frenchy's for $1.35.  Damn, he's cute.  And another toe picture, because who can resist?

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Anonymous said...

Griffin is one cute baby - I recognize those toes ... he has our family's toes, Lauren! thanks for a great Saturday .. see you soon. XOXOXOXO Mom/Joc/Grandma