Monday, July 06, 2009

Bears Like Marmalade

My friend Jo found this Paddington Bear at her last Frenchy's run.  She said he was just sitting there, facing the door, waiting for her to come in and grab him.  He's the same size as Griffin, which is pretty cute.  He even still has the tag - don't worry, we'll look after him very well - thanks Jo!
Jai and I got all those strawberries frozen, so I am already looking forward to eating frozen berries. 

But for now, I have something more immediate to look forward to...

The raspberries are coming, the raspberries are coming!  Wow, summer is flying by, and it doesn't feel like we've had much to enjoy yet.  Today is gorgeous, though, so we've been out in the yard as much as possible.  I took some pictures of Griffin smiling in his sun hat.

And here's the picture of Griffin and Jai, as promised.  Jai tells me that they are newsboy hats, not page boy hats.  I stand corrected.  Whatever they are, they look good on my men (although Griffin has a little more growing to do before he can really wear it.) 

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stampernancy said...

it would be so cute if you took a picture of the baby with the bear -say each month on his birth date for the first year or so and then every 6 months or so and then on his birthday each year or even first day of school or other memorable dates - Nancy in Bridgewater