Thursday, July 16, 2009


Happy 10-week Birthday, Griffin!  What a growing boy.  Time is just slipping quietly past, in the heat and haze of summer days.

The garden, beautifully, is surviving without my tender loving care.  The raspberries are ripe, the lavender and the sweet peas are blooming profusely, and the apples are getting bigger and redder by the day.  All these things go on without me, but luckily I can fit in moments to appreciate them happening.

Our first of many apple crops!  The most wonderful thing about planting a tree is imagining Griffin's children sitting in the shade of it, enjoying the bounty of a fall harvest.  The second most wonderful thing will be that first bite of crunchy Honeycrisp goodness.  (Only the best apples ever grown on this Earth.)

Griffin and I are doing well this week, although his nose has been stuffy for the last couple of days.  Since babies only breathe through their noses, he sounds horrible, but luckily most of the time it doesn't seem to bother him.  Other times he scratches and digs at his face, and I just try to distract him.  Poor little guy.  Imagine having a stuffy nose and not even being able to blow it.  

Jai and I have been taking him for walks around town every night before bed.  He just loves it - watching the leaves go by, seeing new faces, listening to the kids splashing in the community pool - you can see him soaking it all in.  Everything is new and equally wondrous.  What fun.

Jai just took this picture of him, and I think it is one of my all-time favourites:

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Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, Griffen is so adorable!! Thanks Jai for pointing me to your blog.
Lauren, as for the stuffy nose, our little guy had the same and you can actually get some saline solotion for that at the drug store. Its really helps.
Love the pics, keep them coming!!