Sunday, February 04, 2007

Snow days

Hello! Still not too much to report around here, I'm afraid. We've been having lots of cold weather, but nothing unbearable. Today we decided to check out a local farm that sells meat. They were supposed to be open, but they weren't. Of course, by tthe time we got there, it was almost a blizzard, so i don't really blame them. We did get a nice shot of the geese through the truck window, though.

We drove out to Annapolis Royal to try the Chinese food restaurant there for lunch, but they were closed for the season, so we went back to Leo's. Leo's is this really awesome little soup and sandwich cafe, they always have gourmet soups and a totally amazing sandwich menu. It's the perfect small town little place.

We took the back highway to Annapolis Royal for the first time today. You go through a bunch of little communities full of amazing old houses and big graveyards, and lots and lots of farms. It will be really great in the summer, as they all seem to have stands.

We also took some pictures of the apple orchard we would buy if we had several tens of thousands of dollars lying around. We've decided what the Valley really needs is a cidery like Merridale. They have nothing like that in the Valley at all, but orchards and orchards of apple trees wherever you look. It's crazy. Anyway, that's pretty much what's up here. We are completely enjoying ourselves, despite the weather. One of these days we plan on building a family of snowmen in our vast white expanse of a backyard. As you can see, we've got big plans and little plans!


Anonymous said...

hi guys - it's good to have big plans and little plans! Believe in them and allow them to happen... sounding awfully West Coast aren't I? oh well. The apple orchard looks lovely - is that the one on the road to Hampton? good luck in your curling game tomorrow!XO MomJoc

Anonymous said...

Hi J + L,
blog looks great! We have finished watching your movies, and will send them back ASAP - do you want Season 1 of Bones?
If you have all those local orchards lying around, maybe try homebrewing some cider! It is a great hobby that brings everyone together.
K + M
P.S - Meg moved into her new clinic - new pics on our blog