Monday, February 26, 2007

Shop Day!

Hello! We both had a shop day today, and we both managed to finish a couple of projects that we started earlier. Yay! Here's a pic of us with our stuff:

If you want to see more/better piccs, we'll be posting them for sale on our web-site ( - there's a link to it in our links.

We also got some exciting mail today, as Anita's house portrait came in the mail. We absolutely love it!

She did an amazing job, now we just have to figure out where we want to hang it!
Gotta go for now, we've got a curling game tonight, but I'll post more soon.


Anonymous said...

hello! Just looked at your website - great stuff, you two ... the pieces are beautiful - the wood looks luminous! Keep going!! Anita, that is an amazing picture of the house - very well done! XOXO Mom/Joc

Anonymous said...

me again - what is the name of the young fellow who did the wedding makeup? He is a photographer too and Larry & Barb are looking for a person to photograph their wedding (it will be at the Superior too) - given he's likely still in town if you have a way to reach him (and his name)please let me know! If you don't remember and if someone reading this knows who I'm talking about please send me the contact info. Thanks. XOXO Mom/Joc

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hello! Thanks for checking out the web-site last night! Now if you could just tell everyone you know about it! It sure hurt my brain, but I finally remembered the guy's name - it's Ben Shum. his web-site is Talk to you soon! Love Lauren

Anonymous said...

thanks for the name! I'll send it to Larry and he can take it from there - good memory! I tell as many people as I can about your website...I need your business cards for those I don't know well enough to update them on your life in general! (hint). Be patient - keep building - people will come (isn't there a movie about that?)! XOXO Mom/Joc