Monday, January 29, 2007

One more room almost done

I haven't been blogging much for the last week, or doing much of anything else, either. I'm sick! I had a sore throat for a few days, and then I thought it was better, but now it's a full-blown cold. Oh well, I figured it was about time I put an update on here. We've almost finished the living room. Jai's done most of the work as I have either been working or lying in bed for the most part. It's looking great, though, all that's left is to repaint the molding.

I had four people sign up for the yoga classes I am running out of it, so I'm pretty happy with that. I was telling Jai, I don't even think Crystal Pool could have gotten four people by putting up posters around town for a week beforehand. One thing we're learning - living in a small town is all about word of mouth.
In other news, we have a new mayor in town. We didn't get to vote because no one ran against him. A couple of people have asked us which one of us will run for his seat on town counsel, but we aren't eligible because we haven't lived here for six months yet. Oh well, next official election is in 2008. Lookout, Bridgetown!
Also, we won our curling match again!!!!!!
And here's a shot of Emma looking pretty:


Anonymous said...

hi guys! sorry to hear that you're both still unwell! Remember ginger root, cayenne pepper and honey and I'll send some dried rosehips your way this weekend! I love the living room - it will look great with the crown moulding and rug - what a lovely bright room - Lauren, I'm jealous of your yoga students! xo MomJoc

Anonymous said...

ps i think you should approach the town council - you've been homeowners for over a year ...that's got to count for something! anyway .... just an idea :) xo me

Christie & Mike said...

Lookin pretty serious there Jai. Great looking living room, crummy about the cold, but good about the yoga! That's an interesting looking fireplace, is it metal?

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hello! Yes the living room will look so much better when all the molding is finished. I can't wait. The fireplace looks like marble, but I think it's maybe concrete (?????) that's been painted. It feels like stone, but it's not solid black all the way through. Some sort of poor man's marble. Dunno.
I guess that was a traditional Victorian thing to do, they were very into the faux finishes. We're thinking about painting it all except the grill. There's not a good pic of the grill yet, but it's totally gorgeous! Thanks for the posts! Talk to you soon ~Lauren & jai