Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cat basking

Hello! I don't actually have any new pictures for today, but I thought I would write a quick note anyhow. Things are going well here, we've got a second coat of paint on all the trim except for the crown moldings, and it looks even better! We're really happy with how the living room turned out.
We had an amazing dinner tonight at Steve and Ada's house. Ada is a master chinese food chef! Yay, actually good chinese food! I've never had it homemade before - it was delicious! Our social calendar was full tonight, because after dinner we headed over to Sarah and Derek's to watch Babel. They have a projector so they can project movies onto the whole wall with surround sound and stuff, so we've been trying to see as many of the Academy award nominees as possible before tomorrow night. Babel was not as good as we hoped, but Brad Pitt, of course, was great.
I finished my job at the library this week, and handed in my keys and papers yesterday. I will be glad to not be doing that for a while at least, I feel like I can finally get stuff done again. So we'll see how that goes. Pearl asked me about the chairs I took to repair about a month ago, so I have to step up production on those. Clamp-o-rama:

Plus we've been bumming around in the shop a little, and I source out a guy who sells 4/4 pine today, so I'm curious to see what else he'll have.
Yesterday Jai went out with Jim on his Trans County Transportation route. Jai has applied to be a casual part-time driver for them. Basically acting us a chauffeur to people who can't get around on their own, and kids who got kicked off the school bus. It actually sounds like a pretty great job, so I've got my fingers crossed for him. Jim and his wife Joanne are a British couple who moved to Bridgetown last year. I haven't met them yet, but Jai says Jim is really cool.
Curling got cancelled last week because of the weather. We didn't think it would ever happen, but it was pretty awful on Monday. It's definitely starting to warm up now, though. We better make those snowmen soon! Here's Emma basking in the sun on our lovely shag:

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hi guys! Beautiful sunny day here - Cappy and I walked up Mt. Doug and back - never let the 50 pound 4 legged guy pick the trail! Oh well, he did it twice to my once and if a dog could tap his toes with impatience he was doing it! Lauren, Amazon and me need your help - check your email. Take care! XOXOXO Mom/Joc