Sunday, February 11, 2007

60 posts

Hello! This is our 60 th post on this Blog! Whew!
We've made small amounts of progress out here. Jai was busy today scraping the paint off the trim in the windows. I think we're going to do a dark trim in that room, since the walls are so light. It's a little blah, I'd like to paint one of the walls red one of these days.

Yesterday we went to a stove store and talked to the guys about getting a wood stove installed in our house. It's really expensive, and we don't know if we can actually afford it, but I think it would definitely be worth it in the long run. Right now we are paying an extra $350/month for oil! Ouch! So we're having a guy come out to the house in a couple of weeks to give us a proper quote.
We've been stalling a bit on the kitchen, I think because it's getting harder and harder to spend money. In some ways, it would have been better to do the kitchen right away, when we wouldn't have been so concerned, but it has given us a chance to really think through what we want to do.
On Thursday we drove out to Annapolis Royal and spent the afternoon in a pottery studio. We met the fellow, Phil, through curling. He's super nice, and we both came away from the afternoon feeling super inspired. We're both looking forward to spending more time with him.
And for the last four days Emma has been driving us CRAZY!! She's acting exactly like a cat in heat, but she can't be a cat in heat because she was spayed. I even called the adoption place where we got her, and they have the medical records to prove it. First thing tomorrow we are calling the vet that performed the surgery and getting him to take a look at her. She sure is loud!!!!!!!!
The weather here has been cold, but it's not so bad when you wake up with sun streaming in through the windows. We've had a couple of dramatic snow storms, too, just to keep things interesting. Here's some shots our our windows:

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Anonymous said...

yowzers - I think the woodstove idea is brilliant - especially if we can find a waterfront lot/woodlot in the near vicinity! Keep the faith guys - you've done an amazing job on the house and the kitchen will be great too, when you get the chance to get it done! Talk to you soon! XOXOX us