Thursday, March 01, 2007


Hello! Happy 60th Birthday, Errol! Hope it's great! Not too much is new here. We went to the Home Depot in Halifax on Tuesday and picked up some cupboards for the kitchen. We just bought the boxes, and we will make the doors and drawer fronts ourselves in an attempt to save money. I think it will look really good when it's done. Yesterday we went out to Nictaux for the first time to check out a guy with a mill. It was unbelievable! Jai says he was like the wood santa:

We got some pine for the toys we are making, and Jai got a nice piece of apple for turning and a little cherry burl. The guy kept showing us another room and another barn, it almost seemed endless. So that was great fun.
Tonight was the last yoga class of the session, but everyone signed up again. That was really great. Sarah can only come to three of the next ones, though, as she is due to have her baby in the next six weeks. That's going to be huge.
Tomorrow we are going to start demolishing our kitchen, and Saturday if the weather is good enough, there is going to be another auction! Yay, I'm excited.

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Anonymous said...

hi there! It was great to talk to you guys this evening - sorry to hear that Emma is going through another 'heat' phase. Sounds like good you got a good start on the kitchen. Jan called - her Abby is still not well. Take care - enjoy the snowstorm!! XOXO Mom/Joc