Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pantry Pics

Hello Everyone! Well... the pantry is finished...almost! The floor is done, the shelves are done, the walls are done, the ceiling is done, it's all done except for attaching the doors back onto the built-in bins. Whew! Jai spent all day ccarefully lining up the floor tiles, and it looks great!!!! (we think!!) It's not the colour scheme we would have picked at the start, but it turned out pretty good.And soon we can put food back into it, instead of having it piled all over the dining room. Here's the befores to get you prepped:

And the afters:

My job is going pretty well so far. Today I had a kids after school activity where we made dreamcatchers. I couldn't believe how tired I was after 1-1/2 hours of essentially babysitting six kids. I was totally wiped! If I ever thought I could be a teacher, I'm not so sure now! Then tonight I hosted the first ever Bridgetown Knitting Circle. No one showed up except Sarah, so we hung out all night and talked and knitted, and I got paid for it! It kind of made up for the other part.
Today in the mail we got the rest of our wedding photos finally. They are so amazing, it was even worth the wait. I'll post a few here now, and maybe a few more later:


Reverend Black said...

Jai and Lauren, I finally found you!!! It's El Reverendo Donnie Black. Send me an email so I have your email address. Mine is:
That way I can keep ya up to date on all the Rock n' Roll Breakfast happninz! Justin (cfuv) and I are working on a Billy Talent interview for next week!! I'm gonna see if I can crash their concert.
Anyways, I hope all is well out there. It snowed here again yesterday. Oh well, it's sunny today so I'm content wit dat!!
Take care you two!
Rev. Don

Anonymous said...

Hey those are pictures with me in them!! They're great!! The pantry looks amazing! Love the colour choices. Things out here are a bit up in the air right now, my Papa died a few days ago, so the whole family is kinda sad, but not shocked. You know?? He was really old and not so healthy anymore. So the service is next week in Ladysmith. That's about all the news I have. All my love and jealousy about your good weather! Kim

Christie & Mike said...

Hey guys,

The pantry looks AMAZING! There was definitely some time and effort put in to that room, and the shelves and the floor look great!

As per the other comments the weather over here is crazy. The last tree on our block that hadn't been nocked out by the previous windstorms, went over two nights ago and then we got a dump of snow. There's a couple of ok pics on the blog...Mike took the good camera to Tasmania.

Best wishes to all. Christie

Anonymous said...

hey guys, the colours are amazing - and the floor looks great...what a wonderful space! Great pics - worth the patience!

Kim, our condolences to you and your family - if you're in town on your way back from Ladysmith drop in ... A. Janet, U. John and gang will be down for G&Gs 50th Anniversary... but NO ONE tell G&G - it's a surprise.

Take care all. XO MomJoc

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Thanks for the comments guys, it's so nice to think of you out there, even if we don't get to talk as much as we would like. It keeps me inspired to check and keep writing. Love Lauren